Where are you going with this? Goals for 2018.

I am a planner.  I’m really good at bouncing all sorts of plans around in my head, especially when I’m cleaning stalls or running the puppy dog Reagan out in the fields, or doing pretty much anything that doesn’t require concentrated attention.

What I am NOT so good at is organizing those brilliant ideas into a logical progressive plan.  So I’ve learned to write them down with sequential steps or at least an outline to help me get from Point A to Point B without getting sidelined along the way.  Sometimes once I’ve written down my plan, I abandon the idea entirely and move on to something else.  Or maybe I will put the plan on a mental shelf and leave it there for awhile, until circumstances seem right to dust it off and try again.

Writing my plans down also helps me with accountability, even if the only person holding me accountable is, well, me.  Normally I don’t share my plans with anybody until I’m ready to turn the plan from ideas into action and launch it full blown into the universe, which might make it seem that I am acting impulsively.

On the contrary.

By the time one of my schemes reaches the light of day, I have probably spent weeks obsessing about it first.  Considering all the various possibilities. Rejecting this or that or another version.  Trying to figure out how to overcome the obstacles.  Practicing actual conversations in my head with other people who might be involved.

If you see me walking around at a horse show, scowling and muttering to myself, now you know why.

My young friend Koelber recently sent me her own written list of her 2018 Riding Goals.  What a great idea!


Knowing where you want to end up is essential to formulating a plan for how to get there.




So I am going to completely run counter to the rules set in The Manual for Introverts (kidding, although there probably is such a thing) and publish my own list of Horse Related Goals for 2018:

  1.  Write a horsey blog.  (Yay!  2018 is a success already!)
  2.  Work to obtain my horse show judge’s license.
  3.  Get Rainy back to showing at 3′.
  4.  Get Divot started and going under saddle.
  5.  Teach at least one clinic geared to young or novice riders.

Well there you go!  That hardly hurt a bit!  Feel free to comment and share your own goals for the coming year 🙂


Let’s ride!



3 thoughts on “Where are you going with this? Goals for 2018.

  1. Your clarity of thought never ceases to amaze me!

    My horse-related goals for 2018, aimed at returning to my coveted position of BEST HorseShowMom EVER:

    Show up wherever and whenever needed, ready to assist in every way possible, preferably bearing horse and people snacks of choice, remembering Milton’s famous lines “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

  2. So brave to go public with your goals! I have experienced this process with you – it is inspiring and frightening all at the same time and makes me feel alive! Even though I am usually just living vicariously through you. I do, however, love when your schemes er…I mean goals include me!

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