Koelber’s Corner

Welcome to Koelber’s Corner!

Koelber is a 15-year-old rider whose life revolves around the barn and all things horses.  She is the daughter of a wonderful friend of mine, a professional trainer, so Koelber has grown up immersed in riding, caring for the ponies and horses in her mother’s facility, and showing alongside the other kids.

Koelber has recently taken on the responsibility of training and showing my horse Sterling, and she will be posting updates on his progress as he transitions from being an off-the-track Thoroughbred racehorse to being a Children’s Hunter show horse.

You can read Koelber’s blog posts and stories by entering her name in the “search” box and clicking “enter”.

She will also be sharing training, riding, and horse care videos!

Check out Koelber’s first post here!